Hall Of Fame

In recognition of those whose hard work helped them achieve incredible results (some are normal, some are not) - many people's efforts are noteworthy, only significant results are documented

50 lb. Club:
- Angie Hayes
- Rosemary Mayes
- Sally Kettler
- Sam Rosado
- Jeanette Brown 

TIRE FLIP (~200 lb. tire flipped 1/3 mile)
- Nate Snyder: 23 minutes
- Matt Switney: 24 minutes
- Nathan Wilkins: 43 minutes
- Ben Derminer: 46 minutes
- Mike Metzger: 50 minutes

- David Legwand: NHL - Nashville Predators,
                          Detroit Red Wings, Ottawa Senators
- Fallon Sanborn: Tiffin University Basketball
- Rashad Harvey: Tyler College Basketball
- Danny Dulkin: University of Minnesota Wrestling
- Nate Snyder: Saginaw Valley State University Football
- Becca Wojcinski: Oakland Community College Basketball
- Bonnie Quinn: Ironman Triathlon finisher
- Vedran Kapic: Ironman Triathlon finisher
- Johanna Funk: Girevoy Sport - Candidate for Master of Sport
- Jordan Ewald: University of Michigan (Dearborn) Softball
- Ryan Perczak: Kalamazoo College Swimming