"Training with Bob over the past few months has vastly improved my endurance and I feel that I am in much better shape than when I first arrived. I am noticeably faster on the tennis court and am much more prepared to handle the strain of a long match. Bob’s training has also given me much more power in my tennis game and strength in other things as well. Without Bob, I would not be the athlete I am today. I highly recommend Bob Budai to anyone who is looking to get in shape."

-Josh Zeman

"I have been a workout fanatic for more than twenty years. In that time, I have used progressive free weight training, aerobics, elliptical machines and distance running. About four weeks ago I began the "functional strength training" program with my trainer (Bob). I have never experienced this type of immediate body change. The program has increased my strength significantly. I am most impressed with the way it has improved my flexibility."

- Johanna Funk

"Working out with Bob made me not only physically stronger, but mentally stronger too. With Bob I was able to gain the strength and endurance I needed to compete at the college level."

- Fallon Sanborn
Tiffin University Basketball

"Working with Bob has regenerated my desire to exercise. Bob offers a fresh approach to exercise and conditioning with a continual change in routines and methods. The variety of techniques that are used make exercising more fun and effective. The bottom line is you see results. Better yet you feel the results."

- Mike Metzger

"I had two reasons for wanting to train with Bob. First, I was facing a knee replacement surgery and the doctor told me that I had to lose some weight before the procedure and second I knew I needed to strengthen my leg muscles so that recovery would be easier. After training with Bob (and adopting a healthier eating pattern), I lost 30 pounds and went ahead with the surgery. During my brief stay in the hospital, every nurse, doctor and physical therapist told me that I was far ahead of any other patient they had seen. I am now four weeks post-op and everyone is amazed at the progress I have made. I give Bob much of the credit for that. I am now ready to start out patient physical therapy and guess where I will be going? That's right...wherever Bob is!”

- Chicki Dulkin

"Bob's workouts are innovative, challenging, and result oriented. I feel secure knowing he has years of experience as both a physical therapist and personal trainer, especially because of my past back problems. He is a superb motivator as well as creating a fun experience."

- Leslie Wasserman

"After a substantial weight loss and nearing 50, I wanted to keep off the weight, build strength, tone up, and improve my LDL stats. My brother suggested I look into kettle bell training and I found Bob Budai on the internet. In a very short time, with Bob’s guidance, I have developed impressive muscle definition in my arms, strengthened my knees to where I no longer wear knee braces, and have more energy & stamina. Bob encourages, motivates and inspires me to continually accomplish more than I ever thought I could."

- Laura Henry

"Dear Bob,
I wanted to thank you for all your expert instruction and guidance at the October 2007 RKC. It was definitely a memorable weekend full of sweat, pain, fun, and learning. I was thrilled when I found out that I had passed the certification. I'm sure I couldn't have made that accomplishment without your help. Thank you again."

- Lulin Tsai, RKC
Instructor - Kettlebells Los Angeles

"Dear Bob,
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help during the RKC workshop. I feel that the confidence in my abilities to teach and perform have increased dramatically. The information I gained was invaluable. I really enjoyed the talks we had and appreciate your willingness to help the up-and-comers. My business partner and I have adopted a motto from one of our strength heroes, Dave Tate, Live, Learn and Pass On. I think that is what you guys do through the RKC which is why I think this fits me so well. Thanks again."

- Jason Marshall, RKC
Lonestar Kettlebells Lubbock, TX

"I would like to thank Bob and Functional Strength Training for improving my life. He helped me to stay focused on my nutrition and workouts to lose the weight I needed to lose. By getting myself in shape, I built confidence in myself in all aspects of my life. I was able to ask for a promotion at work. I'm also finding that my intimate life has improved. Thank you to Bob and the kettlebell for making my life better"

- Tara Egli

"I was honored to have been introduced to Kettle Bells recently by Johanna Funk. I had been training in martial arts for a year and a half. Despite physically challenging karate classes and cardio kick boxing classes, I had struggled with balance, cardio endurance, and lack of upper body strength. Then Johanna came along with the Kettle Bells and did a great job presenting the proper safety measures and basics of Kettle Bell training. Within 3weeks I noticed an improvement in all I had been struggling with and my clothes started feeling baggy. I greatly enjoy the Kettle Bell workouts and the benefits I’m seeing in my martial arts abilities. I will continue training with the Kettle Bells and it’s very possible that I may some day become a Kettle Bell trainer just like Johanna."

- Susan Stewart

"Bob is a wonderful trainer. I didn't know what to expect during my first training session with kettlebells nor what to expect with my first training session with BOB. Bob Rocks because he is patient, down to earth, knows what he is talking about, and knows how to teach others the technique of working out with the kettlebell. I truly look forward to training with Bob again. Bob, thank you for helping me take my workouts to the next level. I would highly recommend Bob."

- Tameka Beck

"I have tried numerous conditioning exercises; none have been more effective for improving functional strength as the kettle bell/body weight techniques taught by Bob Budai. They have become a mainstay of my Martial Arts body-conditioning program."

- David Tharp

"I thought I was in good shape from my bodybuilding and martial arts training. Then Bob showed me exercises with the roller and bands to improve movement and flexibility. It helped me make greater gains in my training. The kettle bells also provided the most effective training for cardio, flexibility and strength that I have ever experienced."

- Karen Storey

I want to thank you for training me with the kettle bells. I have tried various exercise videos and equipment in the past. I usually only last working out with them for 1-2 weeks maximum. This is the first time that I have truly looked forward to exercising! I have been working out with the kettle bells for 5 months, and I am still going strong! The kettle bells are fun to use, and I am noticing a difference in my body. For the first time in years (or ever), I have strength in my arms and legs. I actually can see muscles in my arms!
Although the kettle bells are fun to use, it was you who made this happen for me. You are an excellent trainer! Not only did you teach me how to use them, but how to use them safely. You have motivated me to keep going, and you make training exciting. I look forward to our training sessions. You also follow up with me from time to time, which shows that you care about me and my training.
Thank you for introducing me to kettle bells and for training me!”

- Kellie Wooster

I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to kettle bells! Being a 45 yr. old, over weight woman who has tried just about every work out there is, I am excited to say this is one work out that I really enjoy doing! As you know, when I started training I couldn't swing for more than 2 minutes with a light weight kettle bell but because of your training abilities and all of your encouragement and enthusiasm, I am so excited that I achieved my goal of swinging my 20lb kettle bell for 10 minutes!! I think I'm ready to up my game to start incorporating a heavier weight kettle bell into my workouts! Thanks again, Johanna, I couldn't do it without you!"

- Sally Kettler

"I had surgery in July to repair an ACL tear in my left knee. After three months of "normal" Physical Therapy I was still limping and could not straighten my leg. I was frustrated with my lack of progress so I contacted Bob Budai. In a few short months he took me from limping to running full speed.
Bob's talent and experience allows him to combine classic methods of Physical Therapy with other tools like kettlebells and interval training. He is superb at challenging his clients to push beyond self-imposed limits.
Through Bob's expert instruction I gained the confidence in my surgically repaired knee to once again perform at a high level. When I came to Bob I could not pass the Marine Physical Fitness Test. After training with Bob I now have a First Class PFT and feel ready for any challenge."

- Bill Redd
Gunnery Sergeant
U.S. Marine Corps

"I am a 75 year old professional Nursing Director and have worked at Metro Home Health Care Services, Inc. for 31 years.
My family noticed that I was starting to slow down even though I went to Swimnastics four times a week and still working. I then realized myself that I was unconsciously thinking I deserved to slow down and act my age (75). I was very fortunate because my adult children became concerned and my son Michael who lives in Seattle suprised me with a trip to Ireland and set up for a personal trainer to work with me 2 times a week which brought Bob into my life.
My training started the first week in January. My progress has been awesome! I will be leaving for Ireland on 4/12/08 a much different person. Bob has given me confidence with cross-training, especially the kettlebell, and retraining for agility and in using my Fitness Bible with proper nutrition, and eating 5-6 small meals daily. I have also joined Bob's Sunday morning class at 9:00 a.m. working with the kettlebells.
Bob is firm and consistent in training and keeps you on the straight and narrow, which is what I need. The fact that Bob is a physical therapist is an added benefit. I have more evergy and vitality than I had before starting with Bob and a better zest for life. I have also lost 15 lbs. with his continuous guidance and follow through."

- Rosemary Mayes

"Bob Budai’s approach to exercise, particularly with kettlebells, is helping me realize many of my fitness goals by providing comprehensive, efficient and enjoyable workout options. As a father of two, with limited time to exercise, I find it easier to fit in quick, yet intense, kettlebell workouts on days I may have previously skipped exercising altogether. As a physician, I share with my patients how regular exercise can help them look better, feel better and live healthier, happier lives. I would recommend Bob’s kettlebell techniques to almost anyone looking to enhance their current level of physical fitness in a way that is unique, effective, relatively inexpensive, quick and fun."

- Ryan H. Barish, M.D.

"During the winter of 2008, I took self defense classes from Bob. When I began the class, I was scared and unsure of how to handle myself in a threatening situation. During our weekly lesson, Bob conditioned not only my body, but my mind too. He helped me regain confidence that had been lost. The self defense tactics that he taught me, I still apply to my every day life. I now feel like a whole person again because of the skills and confidence that Bob has instilled in me."

- Stacie Lambert

“I want to thank Bob and his associates for what they have done for me. Let me mention that I am a lung transplant recipient and have only one good lung. I started working out with Bob back in January '08. When I did his initial testing to find out what I can and can't do, I failed miserably. I basically was only able to walk. I took a vacation 3 months after starting his workout plan. I was amazed at all the things I could do then that I haven't been able to do for at least 6 years. Some of the things I noticed was the ability to walk up flights of stairs with suitcases and groceries and not get winded or tired at all. Now 9 months later my lung capacity is the best it's been in 3 years and I have lost almost 20 lbs. This is all possible because of Bob and Johanna's continual encouragement during this timeframe. I hope to be able to continue my improvement for many years to come. Thanks Bob and Johanna.”

- Tony Calcatera


“I started taking a one day a week kettlebell class with Bob in January.  When he said use an 18lb. bell I asked him where the 5 or even 8lb. bells were.  I was hooked after one class.  Bob explained and demonstrated every move so you didn't feel akward or out of place.  I had been to gyms and worked with personal trainers on and off for about 7 years.  But Bob believed in me more than I believed in myself.  By April I was training for my first competition...I had 6 weeks to train! Bob's positive attitude, exceptional instruction and patience got me there with no problem.  The competition was one of the best experiences of my life and I hope to do more.  I trust Bob fully with our workouts, he knows my limits and pushes me just enough.  I have seen awesome results in my strength, endurance and the way I look.
It's just a bonus that he is always smiling.”

- Leslie Starler


 “I was 13 when I first started to work out with Bob; I first came to Bob because I was very insecure about my weight.  I was lazy and hated working out, until Bob motivated me to work out.  He makes working out fun but challenging and pushes me to always do my very best. I am now 16 and have lost over 50 pounds! I feel like a new person. I’m strong, confident, and feel happier all the time. Thank you so much Bob!”

- Lexi Hayes

 "Bob was instrumental in helping me get in top physical shape for my State Department Worldwide Personal Protection . I have always pushed myself and worked out on my own, but Bob introduced new kind of intensity that challenged my body and gave me a tremendous results. Since I have been taking TACFIT and Functional Strength Explosion classes I have become faster, stronger and leaner. When conducting my fitness test at the State Department class I wasn't surprised to see that I was one the top students physically. When I attempted to conduct one of Bob's TACFIT workouts with the class students most could not even complete it. These kind of workouts will develop strength that you can use in your everyday life and will give the confidence to challenge yourself in everything that you do. Working out with Bob has allowed me to become better at my job and gave me confidence to take on any challenge."

- Alex P.

Department Of State: Security Specialist
U.S. Army Special Forces


"I want to take this time to personally thank you for all you have done for me and all the others that attend your classes.  I know my beliefs and philosophies have definitely changed over this past year concerning weight lifting and physical fitness. You definitely go out of your way to make a difference in people's lives and give them all the tools to meet their fitness goals.  I am very grateful that Tracy introduced me to you and the world of Kettlebell training.  I look forward to this upcoming competition and to exceed your expectations." 
Thanks again,

- Mark Reynolds


"Over the summer I had an amazing opportunity to intern with Bob Budai and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I have never worked with a personal trainer who opened my eyes to so many different effective types of training.  I learned that there are so many other avenues in training besides the conventional 3 sets of 10 repetitions.  While learning from him I was able to change my body and have now seen muscles in places I have never seen before.  He taught me that personal training is just that - "personal" - and you cannot implement the same type of routine on each client, which you will see in many health clubs.  Bob and his team are highly trained and skilled in many areas.  Before interning I had never really worked with kettlebells, and now I cannot live without them.  He taught me multiple different ways to use them and I saw the transformation.  They have made me stronger and they work so many areas.  Bob also showed me exercises that to me seemed simple looking at them, but little did I know they were harder then I had imagined and actually worked.   Bob Budai is a tremendous trainer and is very knowledgeable in many different areas of physical fitness.  I will recommend him to everyone and believe everyone should try one of his workouts at least once to see what I mean."

- Tiffany M. Lease


"I was one of those famous Planet Fitness junkies, just till about a year ago. Never understood why nothing was changing. Went to the gym 5­­-6 days a week 1-2 hours each time. I would talk to Bob about it and he told me I should try his class, I told him it’s only $20 a month there at Planet Fitness. That’s when I realized you get what you pay for.

I started a new job in May of 2011. One of the members started giving me a hard time every time he came in. I started talking to Bob about all the issues with this member. When it came time to involve the police, Bob told me I need to start taking self-defense so that I can learn to protect myself no matter what.  When I started feeling threatened and scared almost every day, I knew I had to do something to protect myself. Self-defense training started in July of 2011. It is truly an eye opener, extremely hard, and very exhausting. Self-defense has taught me various ways to defend myself and become the attaker! This class has built my self-esteem tremendously. I can walk into a room full of people and hold my head high and proud! Thank you Bob, I can never repay you for all the training and confidence that you have given except for the knowledge of knowing I can and I will always protect myself!

After taking self-defense classes for almost 3 months I started going to the weekend classes, unable to swing a 26 pound kettle bell for a minute was embarrassing for me. I did not quit though, and I would go every weekend. I am now up to 44-55 pound swings. I knew I needed to build up my strength. With all the training that I am doing, if you have no strength and endurance it will be almost impossible to survive an attack! I am going strong with all the classes at FunStrength Gym. People tell me that I have an addiction to work outs, I turn around and look at them and reply "hell yah I DO!! And I am proud of it…" My new addiction has moved me down to a size 3 and down 26 pounds.  Move over muffin-top, hello Bikini!! Thank you so much Bob Budai!!!!!"

- Tracy H.


“The all around expert family trainer and physical motivator extraordinaire....

Your reputation for expert strength training, rehab following surgeries and positive approach to life & fitness has lived up to my personal workout experiences with you in every way. First referred with high praise by my son from China, I soon appreciated you with my own singing of your praises. Having survived trauma & several serious surgeries, I met you seeking greater strength, range of motion and less pain. I leave you having greater confidence about my physical

abilities and a return to my previous fierce self. I couldn't be happier to spread your amazing abilities and thank you from the bottom of my heart. My husband Tom & I are in great shape & will keep on using all the tools & techniques you've taught us. Your knowledge and uncanny ability to individualize a course of action, coupled with your infectious humor and seeming endless positive attitude is what makes it all successful. Thanks for reminding me how to be brave.”

- Kerry Moustakas, PhD


“I had been working out with a trainer for almost a year when I decided to go to Bob instead.  Bob was my physical therapist after my shoulder surgery and I was having issues with it again.  I came to him carrying about 30 extra lbs, had little stamina or endurance and was on high blood pressure medicine.  In the past 10 months, I have lost 16 lbs (and toned up considerably), gotten stronger, greatly increased my stamina, am making healthier choices in my diet and most importantly, have gone off the blood pressure medicine.  I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and my blood pressure was perfect.  So though it hurts, and I whine a time or two (or ten), it is well worth the effort.  Thanks a bunch Bob!”

- Jennifer Gentry-Saulski


“In the world of today’s sports, if you’re not spending your off time getting stronger, quicker, and faster, you’re just becoming weaker, slower, and sluggish. Soon enough, your competition will leave you in the dust. And that is the position that I found myself in a little over two years ago. As a young, two sport athlete, I was in search of a gym and trainer that would help propel me and my talents into the next level. I needed a place that would set me above the rest of the athletes I was competing against, be it in the swimming pool or on the softball field. But I was also looking for a place that could accommodate two sports and that I felt comfortable at. I ended up coming in contact with Bob and Functional Strength Training through a family friend. Coming to FunStrength  Gym and training with Bob was the best decision I made to further my athletic abilities. At FunStrength Gym I found dynamic and unique exercises that are never dull and boring. Bob is great at working out every part of the body, offering a range of different activities and exercises. You are fully engaged in what you are doing. The workouts at FunStrength are both physically and mentally challenging. After only a few sessions, I could begin to see results. I felt stronger and more agile. Not to mention the countless compliments I received on looking more fit and in-shape. Going to FunStrength just made me feel better, and gave me a new confident edge over my competition. Training with Bob has no doubt helped me as an athlete. I have achieved so many goals that I had set for myself and even more that I did not even know existed. I felt a step above others because of my extra training. One of my biggest goals that I fulfilled was becoming a collegiate athlete. Not only is FunStrength a great place to further health and fitness goals, it is a welcoming and accepting atmosphere where you can form great relationships. Everyone at FunStrength Gym makes you feel like family. Bob and his staff truly care about your well-being. They want to give you a great workout but also want to know what is going in your life outside of the gym. It is a great feeling to know that someone cares and takes a deal of time to be invested in you. It is truly a judgment free-zone with great people. Bob has created an electric environment with people that make me completely comfortable. The atmosphere at FunStrength is so great that going there is often the highlight of my week. I can never thank Bob enough for all that he has done for me. Both athletically and beyond. He is a smart, caring, and extremely motivating person. Thank you again to everyone at FunStrength and especially Bob. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed going to Functional Strength Training, they offer so much more than any other gym, a family.”

- Jordan Ewald


“Dear Bob

I want to thank you for everything you have helped me accomplish this past year. I can honestly say without your gentle encouragement and kick-ass classes, I would not be where I am today. You pushed me outside of my comfort zone and continue to challenge me week after week. For me, losing weight was always on the back burner. Doctors were on my case about shedding the extra pounds, but I blew them off. To be truthful, I just figured being 200 lbs was the way I was going to be. Sure in the past I had lost a few pounds, but I never kept them off. Working out was always boring and I HATED working out. Now I LOVE working out and have found my passion for working out. It is no longer a chore to me, I just do it! You showed me that working out can be fun. Your classes are a blast, and I love waking up the next morning feeling sore muscles in my body! One thing that I remember you telling me is that “it’s not about the destination, but the journey”; that has stuck with me. In the beginning, I was focused on my final goal and that was hindering my progress. See, I do listen to you sometimes! LOL

I will admit my relationship with the kettlebell started pretty rocky. I hated doing the kettlebell swings in PT. I thought it was torture!!! I cannot tell you what changed, but I am glad it did. Who would have thought that within a year of working out with the kettlebell, I would compete? I sure didn’t. That was an amazing experience and I cannot wait until my next one. I am glad that you kept pushing me to compete because I will never forget that experience.

I know this is only the start of my transformation and I cannot wait to see how the rest will turn out. I know I will reach my goal weight and it is getting so close that it excites me. I never thought I would lose over 50 lbs and keep them off! Thank you  again for sticking with me through all my surgeries/injuries - I would be lost without your awesome PT skills.

Thank you for believing in me when I doubted myself


- Jeanette Brown





"This was my 2nd time participating in the Integrated Kettlebell workshop. The first time was about one year into my career as a physical therapist, now I'm 3 years in. Even though I am consistently exposed to kettlebells through working with Bob and taking his classes, I am still learning new information on top of a much needed review! Bob and Johanna are a fantastic team. Thanks for everything."

- Tracy Urbain

Physical Therapist


"Even though I am sore and every muscle hurts, I enjoyed it and enjoyed pushing myself. You guys are both amazing and do a great job!"

- Missy Daul

Occupational Therapist


"Great class!!! I have learned so much with Bob and Johanna, it's hard to describe from the time I started with you guys."

- Gary Nabozny

Personal Trainer

"The class was great. Very informative and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who desires more information on kettlebells or fitness in general. Thank you so much."

- Bonnie Kussmaul

Personal Trainer


"Awesome! Great instruction and coverage of all aspects of the objectives. This class exceeded my expectations.Thank you both!!"

- Gary Westby


"Great workshop! I could listen to Bob teach all day everyday! Things were presented in a very easy to learn, yet knowledgeable way. Thanks for a great weekend."

- Amy Satterfield

Yoga Instructor